I LOVE what I do. In fact it does not seem like work at all. And I've been at this for nigh on 20 years as a pro and truthfully taking photos all my life.

I've photographed all sorts in my life - from two legged to four legged folks...from politicians, CEO's to regular folks like myself. And in my "off" time I always have a camera with me to photograph friends, family, quirky moments, oddities along a roadside, florals, my garden - whatever captures my fancy.

Fortunately or unfortunately just about anything and everything interests me visually...

PLEASE remember that in most instances - these photos have not been fully retouched and will be upon placement of your order unless otherwise contracted.

All photos can be color, black & white, brown toned or other special effects.

You may order prints or jpegs.

Enjoy your time while here. And don't hesitate to call or email me with any question or request.

Hope to see your face in the near future.